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In order to be an independent science, a science must have basic concepts and persistence. The development and maturation of Sufism has contributed a lot to the works that first reveal Sufistic claims. Some Sufi writers describe the concepts of state and state in Sufism with one or a few sentences in their works, while some Sufis have published independent works describing them. This second group, Hâce Abdullâh al-Herevi, wrote Menazili's-Sâirîn, which consists of a hundred Sufism concepts, which contributed greatly to the formation of the concepts of Sufism. Menâzili's-Sâirîn, which consists of one hundred maqams, has received great attention both from the Sufi circles and from Sufi circles since the day it was written and Arabic, Turkish and Persian commentaries were made on it and translated into many languages. It can be mentioned that the work is concise and mufîd as a reason for the great work on it. There are twenty commentaries written in different languages, as well as famous Sufis such as Tilimsânî, Kaþânî and Lahmî, as well as commentators of Salafi scholars such as Ibn Qayyim and Menûfî. Zeynüddin Muhammed Abdürraûf al-Münâvî, one of the great faqih, muhaddis and sufis of Egypt, is one of the scholar sufis who wrote this commentary. The commentary of Abdürraûf al-Münâvî, Şerhu Menâzilü's-Sâirîn, which constitutes the subject of our thesis, was written on the line of Tilimsânî as a method. What distinguishes him among the Shari'ah is that he is a Sufi who is Fakih and Muhaddis.While analyzing the work, the commentary of Afîfüddîn et-Tilimsânî due to being one of the firsts among the commentaries, because of the interpretation of the makams on the line of vahdet-i vucûd, the commentary of Abdurrezzâk al-Kâşânî and the criticism of Tilimsânî and Kaşânî due to misunderstanding. The commentary of Ismail al-Ankaravî was analyzed and comparisons were made due to the commentary and writing in Turkish of Mevzîyye and his interpretation from the point of view of Mevlevi Sufi. Our thesis consists of an introduction, two chapters, conclusions and bibliography with two subtitles. In the introduction part, information about the subject, scope, procedure and the sources used in the study is given. The first section is dedicated to our author Abdürraûf al-Münâvî. There, an effort was made to examine the mystic life and the life of the author and his works extensively during the period of Abdurraûf al-Münâvî. The second section consists of two sub-titles. The first subtitle, Menâzili's-Sâirîn's commentaries, the life and works of the author, and the introduction of Sharhu Menâzili's-Sâirîn. In the second subheading, the ten hundred chapters of Sharhu Menâzili's-Sâirîn are tried to be examined.


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