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The Symbol Dum-Tek, Dance and A Gazel with Dum-Tek

Dum-tek is a remarkable symbol which reflects many contrast conceptions and things we observe in the universe. Essentially the universe seems to be constructed on the contrast. Contrasts in everything are the same as each other. So we recognize all beings due to their own contrast sides. The sufi who disregard everything except the God as truth claim that everything is actually being recreated in relation with the presence of the God. The God makes beings exist by ordering their originals “exist!” The God makes all these in his capacity of Bâsıt and then transforms them into their originals in his capacity of Kâbız. This point of view attracted Divân poets and so they dealt with it in their poems.
Munif’s gazel in which he structured the rhymes and rhytms on dum-tek, seems to be written with the conception of classical lover and its characteristics in Divân poetry. However the poet presents this gazel like a simple rhytm it actually includes the vicious circle in beings mentioned above.


Dum-tek, kudum, rhytm, contrast, dance, gazel with dum-tek

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