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The Guiding Letters Sent by Sayyid Ahmad Japakjuri to Muhammad Ihsan Oguz

In our cultural history, there are important role characters who have been contributed to moral constitution of social life with his practical life of ṣūfῑ knowledge. As some of those characters are being renown, some of them are not because of their secluded and humble style of life preference. One of those moral characters, disguising himself as a poor man, is Sayyid Ahmad Japakjuri a scholar (ālim) and ṣūfῑ guide (shaik) of Nakshbandiyya Ṣūfῑ Order. The letters, send by him to Muhammad Ihsan Oguz who is disciple of the shaik, demonstrates his knowledge and experience on guiding.
Oguz, according to his narration, affiliated to his shaik Japakjuri upon a sign received from transcendent universe that he saw in trance. This affiliation happened with the correspondence tradition which was practiced in the ṣūfῑ guiding and education. This tradition proceeded till last terms of ṣūfῑsm for the various purposes such as; to give advices to disciples and teach adroitness in ṣūfῑ and to monitor the way of journey (sayr u suluk). The correspondence between shaik Sayyid Ahmad Japakjuri and his disciple Muhammad Ihsan Oguz is one of the most significant samples. Oguz, began writing to his shaik Japakjuri. Upon his reply to his letters, Japakjuri completed guiding process (sayr u suluk) and gave him diplome (ijāzah). Japakjuri composed essence knowledge about basis of ṣūfῑ way, in his nine letters during nearly three years. With the content of correspondence analyzed in this work, we think, the experience and knowledge of shaik was demonstrated that will contribute to the ṣūfῑ knowledge.


Sayyid Ahmad Japakjuri, Ihsan Oguz, Guiding, Letters.

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