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Sheikh Zainal Abidin (d.1953) is from Kagızman and he is one of
the recent scholars and sufis. We know too little about his life and his
place at science and mysticism. Today, however, some information and
documents obtained from the grandchildren, who are in position of
living resources, contribute to fill an important gap in this regard.
According to these sources; Sheikh Zainal Abidin, is buried in the
village of Abri, in the district of Bulanık, Muş, and he is one of the
descendants of Sheikh Abdulmelik (Aynulmelek) (d.726/1326) who is a
scholar and sayyid (an honorific title borne by male descendants of the
prophet Mohammed). His spiritual journey at sufi path began as a
member of Sheikh Muhammed Kufrevi (d.1316/1898) and he took his
diploma from his son, Sheikh Abdulbaki Kufrevi (d.1943). There are
some mystical knowledge and advice in the contents of this diploma we
have reached the original copy and it has the cult series which reaches
to the Prophet with five separate evidence.
During the First World War years, Zainal Abidin Abri came to
Cizre as a immigrant from the village of Abri. He is subjected to exile at
the same place by the managers of that age. He worked as a imam
(prayer leader) in Cizre and educated a large number of students and
disciples. There is not any information about the rest of these students
except Hulusi Yahyagil (d.1986). After the end of his exile in Cizre, he
settled in Kagızman and continued to his enlightenment activities.
This article have first provided information about Sheikh Zainal
Abidin’s life. Then his cult degree which he received from Sheikh
Abdulbaki Kufrevi will be assessed. We have focused on letters that
were written by Hulusi Yahyagil and his close friend Muhammed Lutfi
(d.1376/1956) who is from Alvar. We have believed that these letters
will contribute to reveal his mystical personality.


Sheikh Zainal Abidin, Diploma, Abri, Sufism, Kufravi

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