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‎“Iterabilitiy” and “Ever New Creation' (Khalq Jadid)”: The Way Goıng to Derrida from the ‎Wisdom of Ibn Arabi

This paper’s aim is a comparison between the Ibn Arabi and deconstruction by mean of the ‎mystical legacy. “Perpetual creation" is a universal existence of the idea of in mysticism, no ‎matter to which historical religion it may belong. Concept of perpetual creation means that “The ‎world which we see and in which we live at this very moment is not a continuation of the world we ‎witnessed a moment ago. Likewise the world which is coming after a moment will again be an ‎entirely different world from the present one. At every moment in the state of "perpetual ‎creation", because the relation in which every "possible" existent stands to existence is at every ‎moment new.” On the other hand Derrida, in his well known article “Signature, Event, Context”, ‎express that there are only contexts, and ‘any no context can enclose it, nor can any code of its ‎essential iterabilitiy. Every sign can be cited’; thereby it can break the band with every given ‎context. It means that “meaning”, in every context, recreated from new. In conclusion Derrida’s ‎notion of ‘repeatable-iterable’ seems an example of the general notion of Ibn Arabi’s ‘perpetual ‎creation/ever new creation’.‎


Perpetual Creation, Ibn Arabi, Iterabilitiy, Derrida, Mysticism.‎

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